Figma Checklist

Use these checklist for your project and component Files


Governance is an essential part of assuring a design systems is robust. Making sure that all parts of the framework follow the same guidelines and patterns maintains a level of consistency and familiarity.

Everyone makes mistakes, when you are deep into your design work it is often easy to forget to follow the patterns and guidelines.

The following checklists should be used when working on team files; for both the creator and reviewers.

File Reviews

As a creator, you should use the appropriate checklist below and prepared work for review.

If you are working on a branch you should use the review functionality to request a review from at least two other members of the team. Make sure to add a description that outlines the work for context and highlight any key points.

For large projects it speeds up the process having a short discussion with the reviewers to outline the work.

Branch review example.

Branch review example.

If you are requested to a review a file then again follow the checklists below. Make use of Figma's commenting feature to highlight any issues in the review process.

When the file has had two approvals then it is ready to be merged. If you do not have appropriate permissions to merge the file contact the Figma admin that can progress the merge on your behalf.