Preparing for User Testing

Figma provides control over their prototype screens to make user testing more realistic by hiding their additional controls.

By default, Figma is set to make it easy to share prototypes with stakeholders but these can be adjusted in the prototype > options. When sharing prototypes for user testing it is advised to disable anything that can lead or assist the user.

Turn Off Hotspots

The first step is to disable hotspots. This means that hotspots won't be presented if the user clicks anywhere on the prototype.

Hide Prototype UI

To reduce confusion on between the tool (Figma) and the prototype it is worth hiding the other UI elements.

URL Check

You can check that the correct URL is being shared in your tests by looking at the parameters of the URL structure.

  • Hotspot-Hints=0 - Indicates it is off
  • Hide-ui=1 - Indicates it is off