Figma Checklist

Use these checklist for your project and component Files

Project File Checklist


  • Make sure that the Figma file has been set up following the setup and structure guidelines
  • Unless specified are the designs following our mobile first approach?
  • Make sure that Compound components are being used as much as possible, custom components should be limited
  • Ensure shared colours, effects and typography styles have been used, custom values should only be for specific cases
  • Check that components have been laid out following our 8px soft grid


  • Make sure layer and frames are correctly named, see the Guides for Designers
  • Check any previous comments have all been completed, marked as resolved or deleted. There should be no remaining comments in a file when it is being merged back into the production version.
  • Before a review make sure that the version has used the correct 🚦 status indicator.
  • Don't forget the cover - Ensure the cover component has been added and has a thumbnail set and all relevant content is correct.
  • Remove any extra files, dummy instances etc that have cluttered up the document. Move items to ☠️  Graveyard or 🚀 Exploration if required.