Best Practices

  • Do not use the size attribute on your input fields. The size attribute is relative to the font size of the text inside the input. Instead, use CSS width.
  • All tags, attributes, and attribute values must be lowercase.
  • All attribute values must be inside double quotation marks.
  • All tags must be closed. Tags that do not contain data such as image and line break tags do not need to have a closing tag.
  • All IDs and Classes are lower camel case.
  • A tag's ID should be the first attribute followed by a class if one exists.
  • Always use the alt attribute with images. It is important when the image cannot be viewed.
  • Try to avoid code lines longer than 80 characters.

Aria & Landmarks

  • Use WAI-ARIA form attributes to help screen reader users to use forms - eg aria-required="true".
  • Use WAI-ARIA landmark roles to help screen reader users understand and navigate a page i.e
  • role="banner"
  • role="complementary"
  • role="contentinfo"
  • role="form"
  • role="main"
  • role="navigation"
  • role="search"