Handover Checklist

A reference in preparing updates for development by the Design System Team


  • Confirm that changes have went through the contribution process and agreed
  • Write up a specification for the changes in Jira in the To-Do Column
  • Agree who the working group is; developer, designer(s) and additional possibly stakeholders


Any changes to a developed code or component should be accompanied by an annotation file

  • Move the Jira ticket into the Annotate Design Column
  • Create an annotation in Figma using the annotation template and use previous annotations for reference
  • Annotations should in the relevant items
    • Screen designs for multiple viewports
    • Highlighted key features of changes
    • Changes of size or behaviour
  • Include a link to the annotation file in the Jira ticket
  • Use Jira to include any additional information such as:
    • Links to code/working examples
    • Prototypes or descriptions of behaviours
    • Links to other related tickets


When the annotation step is complete review the following with the working group

  • More the Jira ticket to the Review/Research/Understand column
  • Review the annotation and Jira ticket(s) collectively with the working group
  • Capture agreements in the Jira ticket for a point of reference, this will be useful for documentation too
  • Note any further information required**
  • Agree on how much control and properties should be provided in the component/css classes for consuming developers

** After discussion it may be necessary to return to the annotation phase or development research carried out

Test & Review

  • Move Jira ticket to appropriate column Review Basic Version or Review (Including Documentation)
  • Development is never linear so progress on code changes should be demonstrated regularly with the working group for feedback
  • Components should only be integrated into Storybook after the demo has been reviewed and signed off