June 2023

Documentation updates

28th June

  • Card examples moved to Magnolia section as these are specific to the public website
  • Cards have been moved into Foundation elements as they are no longer components
  • Updated the Standard Life digital guidelines to include a section on cards and surfaces to highlight the guidelines
  • Cards documentation rewritten with an overview and card and tile details
  • Provided examples on cards about how to overlay cards on surfaces
  • Added information to the Standard Life surfaces guidelines around how cards should overlap inverted surfaces
  • Updated the Standard Life Typography with more details about Ubuntu font usage and relinked the Ariel Library
  • Added default and inverted light link examples to the Standard Life typography guidelines
  • Figma Updates
    • Updated the default cards as better starters
    • Removed placeholder slot bespoke styles and used existing palette colours
    • Moved composed card from the Web file to the Public Website Library

21st June

  • Standard Life Style Blocks Supporting colours removed as they were no longer required
  • Badge component documentation has been updated to remove the supporting colours and defined the remaining colour
  • Badges Figma file was updated to remove the dark theme and supporting colours
  • Changed the page "Style Blocks" to "Surfaces" to make the terminology consistent
  • Removed the static image from Surface Styles and created a dynamic Figma frame that can be built upon with more examples
  • Created a new surfaces page to explain how surfaces should be used generally and specifically for Standard Life
  • Rewrote a section of the Standard Life digital guidelines removing supporting colour information and introducing surfaces

8th June

7th June

  • Icon Buttons with a label are now available for web, docs and figma have been updates
  • Added two examples to the Empty State page, including the new button patterns
  • Figma Updates
    • Buttons updated to include focus state and icon button + Label
    • Empty State updated with new button groups
    • Modals updates with new button groups
  • Added a few sentences about preparing component proposals early in the contribution documenation
  • Added more images and context around branching to our Figma Section

5th June

  • NEW: After much requests we added a Changelog to track updates to our docs
  • Figma examples have been updates
  • Buttons has had a refresh:
    • Clearer state definition
    • Button styles based on surface guideance
    • New defintions on delete buttons and double opt out
    • The success button style has been removed, it was agreed to use a primary button
  • Button Groups has had a rewrite with new rules
    • Buttons now align to the left on medium breakpoints, check out the new spacing
    • Cards will follow the same rules for button updates, documentation released seperately
    • Added instructions for buttons on surfaces
    • Instructions for do and don'ts when button length vary
  • Form guidelines have been updated to include a double spacing of 32px between button groups and the last field element.